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Pottery Lessons with Irene

Choose the lessons that are right for you!



Perfect for first timers, this course will teach you the basics of clay, how to use it, and what makes a great potter. This course does not involve pottery on the wheel. 

3X 90min lessons


Pottery on the Wheel

Once you've got the hang of the clay, you can begin to use the wheel. From centering the clay to creating bowls, plates and vases that you can take home, you'll have all the basic knowledge you need to use the pottery wheel without guidance.

6x 3hr lessons



Glazing & Firing

For the more advanced students, this course will teach you about the various glazing techniques, how to create custom colours/patterns and how to apply them to your pieces. It will also explore using the incredibly powerful kilns and teach you how to use them. 

3X 1hr lessons


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